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Elie Beaumont – We’re the Perfect Match

Was there was ever a brand that was more perfect for Boutique at House of Marbles than Elie Beaumont?

With our shared emphasis on quality, classic styling and creativity, we fit together as flawlessly as their Crossbody Orange Handbag and Blue Diamond Strap. In Elie’s own words, their handbags showcase “a truly quintessential British style, representing this generation’s desire for distinctive, fun creations.” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bag in Orange, paired with the Blue Diamond Strap

Their handbags are turning heads in the fashion stakes, surprising and delighting customers both nationally and internationally. This beautiful synergy is exactly why you will find a colourful collection of Elie Beaumont handbags and signature interchangeable straps available from Boutique at House of Marbles.

Our Boutique is packed with a mix of classic, quirky and luxurious his and hers gifts, accessories and distinctive homewares. Many of these are from quintessentially British brands such as Powder UK, St Eval, Jellycat and many more. We pride ourselves in showcasing the avant-garde, so the Elie Beaumont range of handbags and straps is impeccably suited to our range.

Featured in the mainstream fashion media including Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, you will find an Elie Beaumont handbag flung across the body of many a fashion influencer on Instagram. And it is easy to see why they have become so iconic. With the vast range of colour options on the Crossbody bag and swappable strap designs, the styling options are endless.

Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bag in Green, paired with the Python Strap

The elegance and the quality of their craftsmanship will appeal to anyone with a classic and timeless style. However, switch up the straps and you get to express your mood, or match for a specific occasion. Or, simply pair up with the shoes you have picked that day.

Heading out for a glamourous evening of cocktails and fine dining? Then why not go glam and fuse the jet black bag with a touch of python, zebra or gold in the strap. Become a boho sensation and blend the green with the aztec strap. Or, simply act casual and combine the characterful orange or yellow carriers with the modish colour strip strap.

Elie Beaumont Black Crossbody Bag and Zebra Strap
Elie Beaumont Crossbody Bag in Black, paired with the Zebra Strap

The message here is to have fun with your fashion choices – be serious when it comes to quality.

Our range of Elie Beaumont handbags and straps are available to purchase now from Boutique at House of Marbles. Crossbody bags are available from £79 whilst the interchangeable straps are just £19.99 each. CLICK HERE to view our full range of handbags and purses