3 Wise Words Party Game


Get your brain in gear with Big Potato‘s 3 Wise Words Party Game!

In this simple party game, your partner has to guess the Secret Word written on your card. To help them, write down three different words as clues, but watch out! The other teams also know the secret word, and are trying to guess the three Clue Words you’ve written down. If they guess right, they swoop down and steal your points, so don’t make your Clue Words too obvious. Don’t make them too obscure either, or your bird-brained partner will never guess the Secret Word.

If your teammate gave you these three clues, would you be able to guess the Secret Word?

All the other teams will be trying to copy your teammate’s clues. If they predict the right ones, they’ll steal your points — so try to get creative!

Each time your team scores points, you’ll move your Owl Meeple further along the board. First owl to make it home, wins!

Suitable for age 10+
4+ Players
20 minutes play time
Plastic Free


What’s in the box?
3 Wise Words Party Game contains:

100 cards (300 secret words)
4 wooden owls
1 board
1 die
1 answer pad

Box dimensions

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial.

– Birds of a feather, think together

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