Black & Sigi Aphrodite Bangle Silver


Aphrodite was the goddess of fertility, love and beauty, and is one of the more well known characters in mythology. Inspired by the stories surrounding her, Black & Sigi have created the Aphrodite range for those who love unconditionally and who are beautiful inside out.

Wrapped from a single length of plated wire, Aphrodite Bangle in Silver is uniquely handmade to create a solid and substantial piece. This therefore feels both luxurious and sturdy and can be worn stacked with several bangles to create depth and texture or on its own to create a more simple and demure style.

Each Aphrodite Bangle in Silver is completely unique and is handmade by the Black & Sigi team from their studio in Leigh on Sea.

Additional Information

Weight: 55g

Bangle Size: 7.5cm Diameter x 1.5cm Width (3 x ½”)

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