Black & Sigi Doris Bangle Gold


Doris is a goddess who ruled the sea. She belonged to a group of goddesses called sea nymphs, or “Oceanids.”  Her name means “bounty of the sea,” and she provided food and habitat for all creatures that lived in the ocean. Because of her ability to create life, Doris’s name is associated with the Greek words “Doron,” which means “gift-giver” and “Zoros,” which means “pure” or “fresh.” The word “Zoros” is also used in Greek mythology as a synonym for fresh water or a woman’s soul.

Wrapped from a single length of plated wire, the Doris bangle in gold is uniquely handmade to create a solid and substantial piece. This therefore feels both luxurious and sturdy and can be worn stacked with several bangles to create depth and texture or on its own to create a more simple and demure style.

Each Doris bangle in gold is completely unique and is handmade by the Black & Sigi team from their studio in Leigh on Sea.

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