LSA Boris Decanter 1.4L


LSA Boris Decanter 1.4l is one of their classic Boris range – a hallmark collection of drinkware.  The series includes decanters, wine glasses, sets of glasses, vodka and highball glasses, as well as other dishes.   The contemporary cylindrical forms each piece is anchored by a thick, heavy base.  The slim neck and weighty base accentuate the clean lines of this LSA Boris decanter. Skilled master craftsmen grind each stopper by hand to fit within the neck of the individual decanter. The high quality finish of each piece is testament to their work.

LSA Boris Decanter 1.4 litre size is perfect for pouring a fine whisky or brandy. The weight, finish and design of this  decanter simply exudes quality and style which, makes it the finest of gifts.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Hand-ground stopper
  • Heavy base
Capacity: 1.4L, Height: 25cm, Width: 13cm (9¾ x 5″)
Due to its handmade nature, the size of this item may vary slightly.
Materials & making
Master glassmakers mouth blow the LSA Boris decanter in order to create the cylindrical shape and exceptional weighty base. Each stopper is ground to fit each individual decanter.
Handwash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
What causes bubbles to appear in handmade glass products? Occasionally, when the raw materials are melted, small bubbles of air can get trapped within the molten glass and these can then sometimes be seen in the finished product. This is a natural and unique part of the handmade process.

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