LSA Wine Culture White Wine Glass 490ml


Modern wine glasses with fine bowls and tall stems, mouth blown by master glassblowers.

The simple, refined form accentuates the quality of the materials and craft.

A set of two modern wine glasses with flat-based bowls. Expert craftsmanship is required to mouth blow the fine bowls, draw the stems and apply the feet by hand.

  • Mouth-blown glass of exceptional quality
  • Tall, straight stems drawn by hand
  • Flat feet, sandblasted with logo
Capacity: 490ml, Height: 25.5cm, Width: 9cm
Due to their handmade nature, the size of these items may vary slightly.
Materials & making
The Wine Culture white wine glass is mouth blown by master glassblowers. The tall, fine stem is attached and drawn down from the modern bowl of the glass while the glass is still malleable. With precision, the foot is shaped and applied by hand using a wooden tool. The rim of the glass is fire polished to achieve a smooth finish.
Handwash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

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