Sounds Fishy Family Game


Sounds Fishy family game from Big Potato Games, one real answer, a sea of red herrings.

A fast-thinking, push-your-luck, bluffing game that’s a mix between Balderdash and The Chameleon.

You don’t need to know lots of trivia — all you need to do is make something up!

Whether you like being creative, finding out weird facts or being a little bit sneaky, Sounds Fishy has something for everyone.

Can you spot the fake answers? Sounds fishy is a party game filled with strange questions and fishy answers. Win points for spotting the fake answers invented by the other players, but flip over the real answer too soon and you’ll lose all your points!

What’s in the box?

  • 9 Fish
  • 80 Point Tokens
  • 200 Question Cards
  • 1 Card Dispenser
  • 1 Rules
  • 1 Potato Sticker

Suitable for ages 10+
4-10 players
15 minute play time

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on how to play Sounds Fishy family game

This game was co-created with an amazing game inventor called Rob Piesse. Fun Fact: The phrase ‘Red Herring’ comes from 1807 when a man called William Cobbett used a smelly herring to distract hunting dogs from chasing a rabbit.

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