Wool Blend Throw: Ducks


Have you got your ducks in a row? This wool blend throw ‘ducks’ definitely has. In a stunning blue and white colour-scheme, this stitched blanket will add a pop of colour to your living room or bedroom. It measures 130 x 180cm (51 x 71”) and is woven from 80% wool and 20% cotton. The perfect size to snuggle into. Happy living with friendly designs!

This wool blend throw makes the perfect gift for a ‘Wool’ wedding anniversary at 7 years of marriage! Read our Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide blog for more gift inspiration.

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Product Care

All wool is washable, you just need to know how to handle it properly to keep its softness and longevity. How we dry a washed wool product is also very important. Do not wash your wool unless absolutely necessary. Like all soft furnishing products, wool loves fresh air and a light breeze so if you think your wool product needs freshening up, try hanging it outside for a few hours on a nice day but keep it out of strong sunlight.

Icon Machine Washing 30 Cold Machine Washing Wool – use liquid detergent, delicate programmes – cold wash, wool wash, hand wash, wash on its own.

Icon Hand Washing 30  Cold Hand Washing Wool – for smaller items like little blankets and cushion covers you may want to wash them by hand.

Icon Do Not Bleach Do Not Bleach Wool – please do not bleach a wool product as it will destroy the wool fibre and will spoil your woollen item.

Icon Drying Wool  Drying Wool – lay flat to dry: gently squeeze, do not wring, lay it down on top of a cotton towel on a flat surface, (for a large item fold it to a quarter of the size) and do not shake or hang while wet.

Icon Ironing Wool  Ironing Wool – iron with steam, do not press too hard and use a mid to low heat setting.

Icon Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning Wool – if you are not confident to wash an item yourself, we advise you to use a dry-cleaning service.